Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a Message

Its one of d best msgs I ever read- A mechanic was removing d engine parts from a motorcycle, when he spoted a famous heart surgeon In his shop. He called d surgeon n said "look at this engine. I opened its heart, took d valves out,repaired n put them back. So how come I get such a Small salary n u get big bucks, when u & me r doing d same work?"D surgeon paused n whispered 2 d mechanic "try doing it with d engine running..!"

Almost an year !?

what the f*** !! I can't believe ....it's almost an year since my last reply lol. Is it that I got too busy to post or is it that I got too lazy to update my blog, it would be only the GOD and ME who know the answer to that question. Sorry guys for not updating my blog, from now on I would be updating it quite ofttimes.

Actually yea I was a bit busy, of course I would agree that not since June 07 but from October 07 bcuz of the academic tie-ups.

Will be back ...take care all and please keep visiting my blog as itz gonna rock on