Friday, June 20, 2008

Got a Green card (permanent visa) for USA Scam !? or Real !?

damn! It seems to be spam, or else should I say it does is a spam mail. Whatever, it claimed that they are from the US Department of State and blah blah things and the last date is 26th of June. Still I'm not gonna try to get it lol.
Lemme share the mail with you guys !!

From: "US Department of State" Really ?? :o (I don't believe this)
Dear winner,
We wish to notify you that you are among the lucky selected winners of the USA Green Card e-mail ballot lottery program of the 2007/08 edition. The lottery was conducted under the terms of Section 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 2006 (Pub.L.101-649)

Your e-mail address along side 5.3 million e-mail addresses were randomly extracted during the 66-days extraction period that ran from (11.00 AM on December 8, 2007 until midnight, February, 11 2008) The-email addresses were assigned to different-ticket numbers for representation for final selection, and your-email address attached to N0-#76403-drew-the numbers that won you the Green-Card.

Notification is through the selected-email addresses, approximately 575 winners had been notified through their selected-email addresses including you today (Thu 29-05-2008) Your visa duration is 10 years multiple entries to the U.S, it is renewable upon expiration and it permits you to travel to the U.S with your spouse.

The visas have been apportioned among the six geographic regions and our Green- Card processing experts had been apportioned among the six geographic regions. Your-Green Card-winning details falls within our Asia/pacific region office as indicated and we have forwarded your win-ning details to our Asia/Pacific office for the-processing of your-Green Card and immigrant visa issuance application documents with your Case Number.

Therefore, FOR YOUR GREEN CARD AND VISA ISSUANCE APPLICATION PROCESSING FORMS AND REQUIREMENTS, contact our Asia/pacific office with the below contact details;

Contact Person: Mr. George Graham.
Address: Indra Tower Suite 105 , 75/6 Wireless Road Panthumwam Bangkok Thailand.
Tel: 66-835 619 209 66-843 578 622
Fax: 66-2251 9977

Processing Fee.
Single application-$850USD
Dual/family application-$1,450USD

Actually it's a much bigger mail, I just posted a part of it as who cares what things are in it these days. Check it out they want me to pay the above mentioned charges man ....I can't stop laughing seeing how they think that people are such fools.
btw I never registered for any such kinda lottery. When I made a google search regarding this Green card lottery thing I found that there does exist legal Green Card lottery but still I'm not gonna think about if this one's a real one or not.
so America I'm not coming, at least for now !!

will Post a screen shot soon of the mail I got !