Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogging !!

What's blogging ?? Writing posts as the below one called blogging ? I hope so, but what I came to know with some browsing experience is that blogging surely helps in enhancing many of our own skills and also helps in changing our attitude if we have some problem in our attitude :p

Whatever, what's blogging ?? :o

Oktober Fest

Hello guys ! I'm writing this after a bit time gap of exactly around 2 months as it seems July 28th was my last post. Whatever, yesterday I went with my friend to this fest called Oktober Fest aka beer fest at Taj krishna. It was organized by the German authorities and it was a strange experience for me, as it was first of the kind party I've attended. Beer ... beer ....more beer was the thing over there lol and there was a concert kinda thing conducted simultaneously by a German band named "The moonlights" (it seems they were world famous) who knows - how can I know I've never heard a single German song till now. But they were really good as I was tapping for their music even though I didn't understand a single word of their song. I'm not sure if it was because of music or if it was because I was drunk that I was having such experience he he!
Whatever I hope to attend many such fests in the days to come.

German Fest was cool to finally say !!