Friday, June 22, 2007

Geekism is !?

Geekism is:
  1. When you read XML faster than you read English.
  2. When you haven't seen bright sunshine for about a year, or two.
  3. When you have downloaded more movies to your computer than you can ever watch in your lifetime.
  4. When you setup your computer to run winamp with loud music every morning instead of buying an alarm clock.
  5. When you always have a backup plan for your backup plan.
  6. When you have every email that you ever sent or received.
  7. When your Internet "handle" becomes the name that everyone refers to you with.
  8. When your daily vocabulary includes words like GUID, CLSID, XAML and XMLNS and when you pronounce them as "Gooid", "Silsid" and "Zamel".
  9. When you dial your own phone number with the same phone to "see what happens".
  10. When, no matter how much you end up using technology (gadgets, gizmos, software, so on), you're never really sure how/why/when "things" work. More importantly, you can never really say for sure, that pressing button "A" will always cause reaction "B". You have to test it. Often. This is also the same reason that you must always press: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C before submitting an HTML form, for example.
  11. When you head straight for the Ready-To-Eat / Microwaveables section the moment you enter a supermarket.
  12. When you have a pre-planned, well thought out list of things to do in the case of a life-threatening emergency in your house, like a fire or something. This includes, in order of priority:
    a. Safely shut down computer. Depending upon level of emergency, check email / downloads, first.
    b. Depending upon level of emergency, rescue entire computer, or just the hard disks at bare minimum.
    c. Rescue people,items of lesser importance, like spouse, children, dog, plasma / lcd screen, etc.
    d. Look for means to avert said emergency.
  13. When you are completely comfortable pressing any kind of button, anywhere, without consulting any kind of manual. This goes well with the earlier, "to-see-what-happens" idealogy.
  14. When you're completely comfortable giving the computer screen the finger, or cajoling your computer verbally to try and make it work even faster.
  15. When you now laugh all the way through Hackers even though you sat engrossed all the way through it when you saw it first in 1995.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ferrari Pack !!

For 15 ferrari high resolution wallpapers go to the link below for the zip file :

Thursday, March 08, 2007

More high resolution wallpapers !!

Hi all , back with few more packs .


50 of them in the below folder :
User winrar from to unrar(unzip) the below rar folder !

Jaguar_C-XF_175_1920x1200 resolution wallpapers :

9 wallpapers of Jaguar 1920x1200 in the below folder , you need to unrar using winrar software.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wanna earn through internet ?

Yea yea i know what comes to your mind , that these sites are all SCAM and SPAM right?
But after much browsing and spending lot of time on internet all these years , atlast i trust these below sites after going through bunch of SCAM sites.
I am not forcing you , if you are interested then you can please join these sites by clicking the below links.

Coming to the earning websites first site is the myLot , where you can earn based on your responses to the discussions present there and the number/quality of images you upload there.

For further help please click the below link :


TO JOIN click the link below :

I already earned about 2$ at mylot and i will receive my money to home when i reach 10$ in that site.
At that time when i show you the money you shouldn't complain that i didn't tell you about this site as i am telling you already here but its upto you to join or not :)

Second earning site : , in this site you just need to use this website for searching as you use Yahoo,google or msn for searching something.
You earn on the basis of your searching and your posts in the forum there :)

I hope you are getting what i am trying to tell

To join shashmysearch :
Third site for earning :
Its the in this we(you) just need to download a viewbar which is not available at present and will be available by next week.

Co-Founder of this site is an INDIAN so i hope you trust indians atleast .
So if you are interested in joining this then please click the link below :

And to maintain your earned money you need a bank account or something right , in internet you need to keep a paypal account which is like a bank account in real life .
You need to give all the real details in order to get paid so that they can mail you to the address you have provided so be true.

To create a free paypal account go here :
when it asks for some credit/debit card then simply click on "CANCEL"


You can always contact me regarding the above sites at the social networking places which i gave left side on this page i hope you can see them as "me at orkut", on .


Take care all !!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The VISTA 3d flip look !!

hey! Dreaming of having that 3d flip effect which was introduced in the latest MS OS VISTA , to be on your desktop too?
Then stop dreaming !!
U can have that toooo :)

check out the above image ;)

Click the below link and Unzip the folder and install it , that's it , U can have it too!
Please don't forget to comment !!
and also remember that it may slow down ur PC a bit so better install only if u got good RAM of atleast 512MB!

  • Click here
  • New better version similar to the above application , the below file also includes the keygen (key) which you need for activating the software !!
  • here
  • Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Lambhorghini & weapons packs !!

    All these files r in '.rar' format so U need to hav winrar software and u need to know how to unrar these files toooo !!
    Enjoy !!
    If u like them then please comment so that i can post more !!

  • For abve lambhorghini & many more
  • Guns here
  • Thursday, February 01, 2007

    How abt these !?? ;)

    Got many more !!
    want them !?

  • Click here for above wall papers
  • Does anyone want pics like these !?

    Anyone interested in the above high resolution wallpapers , if yes u can ask me :)
  • Click here

  • take care all !!