Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wanna earn through internet ?

Yea yea i know what comes to your mind , that these sites are all SCAM and SPAM right?
But after much browsing and spending lot of time on internet all these years , atlast i trust these below sites after going through bunch of SCAM sites.
I am not forcing you , if you are interested then you can please join these sites by clicking the below links.

Coming to the earning websites first site is the myLot , where you can earn based on your responses to the discussions present there and the number/quality of images you upload there.

For further help please click the below link :


TO JOIN click the link below :

I already earned about 2$ at mylot and i will receive my money to home when i reach 10$ in that site.
At that time when i show you the money you shouldn't complain that i didn't tell you about this site as i am telling you already here but its upto you to join or not :)

Second earning site : , in this site you just need to use this website for searching as you use Yahoo,google or msn for searching something.
You earn on the basis of your searching and your posts in the forum there :)

I hope you are getting what i am trying to tell

To join shashmysearch :
Third site for earning :
Its the in this we(you) just need to download a viewbar which is not available at present and will be available by next week.

Co-Founder of this site is an INDIAN so i hope you trust indians atleast .
So if you are interested in joining this then please click the link below :

And to maintain your earned money you need a bank account or something right , in internet you need to keep a paypal account which is like a bank account in real life .
You need to give all the real details in order to get paid so that they can mail you to the address you have provided so be true.

To create a free paypal account go here :
when it asks for some credit/debit card then simply click on "CANCEL"


You can always contact me regarding the above sites at the social networking places which i gave left side on this page i hope you can see them as "me at orkut", on .


Take care all !!

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