Sunday, February 25, 2007

The VISTA 3d flip look !!

hey! Dreaming of having that 3d flip effect which was introduced in the latest MS OS VISTA , to be on your desktop too?
Then stop dreaming !!
U can have that toooo :)

check out the above image ;)

Click the below link and Unzip the folder and install it , that's it , U can have it too!
Please don't forget to comment !!
and also remember that it may slow down ur PC a bit so better install only if u got good RAM of atleast 512MB!

  • Click here
  • New better version similar to the above application , the below file also includes the keygen (key) which you need for activating the software !!
  • here

    Tejas said...

    wow indeed a nice one dude.. its specially good for those who have low memory requirements but can still use this feature..its Amazing

    ^^p@!nK!LLeR_yusuf^^ said...

    really love this one.. works cvool but its a trial version.. you know what i want!!